Why the Blog?

Because I am a Prowler.  Because I have to have an outlet for the sexual energy that bubbles below the surface of my being.

Because a man’s perspective on sex with a woman is important, as we lead the way many times in getting what we want.

Even though I am married, and emotionally fulfilled, the emptiness of being unable to have the kinds of sex I want has placed me in an uncomfortable and strange place where I don’t want to leave the comfort of familiarity, but I can’t stand the uncomfortable physical loneliness.

Quiet Desperation indeed…

These are the stories of my interactions, conquests and explorations as an older man with more knowledge of women and their desires and bodies than I am able to use in the relationship I am in.  I have been lucky enough to be able to meet women who have been open to my problem and have some of the same issues themselves.

Ashley Madison is a Sex God send.

And thanks to the internet, I have an outlet for the magic…


The First Time Prowling with Mandy Pt. 1

I met a girl named Mandy at my current job when we were much younger and newly married.  Hers and my second time, and not to each other.

We were both new on the job, so naturally we would gravitate toward each other.  She liked taller men (taller than her) and sarcasm.  I liked women who liked sarcasm and had a pendulous rack.

We got along swimmingly.

After the appropriate amount of small talk and interactions at work bordering on sexual harassment, we eventually met at her house and got in bed,

I know, Number 1 rule:  Neutral Location.  And one of the party’s homes is NOT a neutral location.  I have always sought that one out for the sake of secrecy and discretion; as my spouse need not be wise to my activities.  But with Mandy, living dangerously made me hungrier for her.

That first time, Mandy answered the door, wearing a robe.  I could see just the beginnings of a deliciously pink nipple on her right breast as it swayed back and forth while inviting me in.

And I realized what I was hungry for…

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I Love Women

I love women of all ages.  Oh, how i love them.  I love how they come is so many shapes and sizes.  Short ones, tall ones, fat ones, thin ones.  Their charms comes in so many varieties.  C, D, DD, DDD, EE and the occasional B.

I love their red hair, their brown hair, their blond hair.  I love their smooth skin, their bright eyes, their full lips.

I love the way they look, the way they think, the way they smell like vanilla, jasmine, nylons and jeans.  I love their shapely muscles and their swagger when they know they have hit the outfit, hair and shoes just right.  I love their confidence in their beauty.

I love the way that they have flaws in their shape and how comfortable they become when you see her as beautiful even when she refuses to see it herself.

I love the look of a woman in a sundress with thong sandals and painted toes, in jeans and a t-shirt while eating on the couch, and best of all, wearing nothing at all. I love the way most women are more uncomfortable with their bodies than men are with theirs. I love their vulnerability and the smile and the flush of their skin they get when they see that you see what you like when the last thread hits the floor. I love that they react to approval.

I love the feminine nature of young women and the wisdom and lessons learned of older women, just as I love the sexual power of young women that they don’t even know they have as much as the skilled lovemaking of older women who have discovered how much power they wield.

I love women who are out going and introverted and everywhere in between.  I love that they will flirt, show cleavage, make you chase them and make them fight their longings for you; only to make us work harder to get them.  I like outgoing women and introverted women and I can appreciate how confidence shows itself in both types when you meet them.

I love women who will let me dominate them in bed even when I feel their trepidation that comes with submission and showing her that I would never hurt her and while still respecting her and her limits and tastes.

I love how it’s pretty hard to know what a woman wants and understand the complexity of the layers of women and have the painstaking patience to get to the bottom of them.  I love how most women reward you handsomely when you empower them.

I love the sound of a woman’s voice whispering in my ear, and the sound of a woman laughing at my corny jokes and stupid stories.  I also love the sound of a woman moaning with pleasure and begging for more. And then I love it when she just takes what she wants with a whoring reckless abandon that would embarrass her if her friends knew.

I love the feel of a woman’s arms reaching up around my neck and the feel of her tits against me.  I love the feel of my cock inside her and how her tiny little love cave will respond when I push the right buttons.  I love that they beg me to do things to them and that if I hold back, they want them more.  I love feeling their cervix dance against the head of my cock.

I love the taste of her kiss and the feel of her breath on my neck and the passion in her eyes when she’s gazing into mine.  I love how she will surrender to you when you make her feel like the only woman in the world.

I love the process of discovering a woman and who she is;  her incredible strengths, her hidden fears and her unique charms. I love how I can teach them, that they ask me to show them things, and that they need help and at the same time they don’t.

I love how no matter what the fashion or the popular culture, no two women are alike.  Each has some characteristic look, special way, or previously unknown ability that leaves me in awe and grateful that I met her every time it is revealed to me.

I love thinking women, active women, women of faith and women of the world, women who succeed, women who try, educated women, women with families who know motherhood and single women who may never know it.

Without the feelings that men have for women, the human race would cease to exist.  It is truly a matter of life and death.

And most of all, I have known since birth is that I love women.